Science Magazine, CVD IRV letter

Tue Jan 15 17:42:11 PST 2002

The RESPONSE had in part-

* its propensity to lose majority candidates, especially centrists, who

may do poorly when challenged from both the left and right.  Even when

there are only three candidates, it is not uncommon that the centrist

comes in third, which means that he or she loses under IRV.  By

contrast, AV tends to help such candidates, because they draw approval

from their opponents' supporters on both the left and right, who want to

avoid at all costs helping the candidate on the opposite side of the

political spectrum.

D- For newer folks on this list--

H Hitler, S Stalin, W Washington
Time -- 1932 Things are really tough.

34 HWS
33 SWH
16 WHS
16 WSH


With IRV Washington loses, Hitler beats Stalin 50-49. Civil War ???

Head to head (Condorcet)
Washington beats Hitler 65-34
Washington beats Stalin 66-33

Moral- if at all possible head to head math must be done for *important* 
single winner offices -- especially executive and judicial offices.

Which of them could get a majority of YES votes ???

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