[EM] Cook plans to make UK first to vote on internet

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Mon Jan 7 15:16:29 PST 2002

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Big interview in the Guardian today:

Cook plans to make UK first to vote on internet

Jackie Ashley
Monday January 7, 2002
The Guardian

Britain will become the first country in the world to use the
internet for voting, as part of radical changes to the political
system, Robin Cook, the leader of the Commons, has told the Guardian.

In an interview, Mr Cook is scathing about the culture of parliament,
describing its procedures as antique, ludicrous, Dickensian and as
ritualised as 18th-century duelling.

Mr Cook intends to "enfranchise" those who want to vote online as a
way of drawing back under-40s to the democratic process. Pilot
schemes for local elections begin in the spring, with a chance that
voting by internet could be in place for the next general election,
though Mr Cook admits that that is a "tough call".

Among his other plans is the use of the web for daily feedback to
parliament on policy choices before MPs. He also confirms his
determination to press ahead with increased powers and greater
independence for select committees, despite the worries of Whitehall
officials, the Speaker, Michael Martin, and some fellow cabinet

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3pm update
Reformers sceptical of online voting

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
Monday January 7, 2002

Immediate concern was cast today over plans by the leader of the
Commons, Robin Cook, to bring in voting on the internet in time for
the next election.

BBC coverage:
newsid_1746000/1746902.stm  (paste on one line)

E-voting: A load of old ballots?

The UK should be the first country to hold its general elections
online, says Robin Cook, leader of the Commons. But BBC News Online's
technology correspondent Mark Ward says it is not going to be easy.

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