[EM] Emergency P.R. Amendment, 3 Jan 2002

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Thu Jan 3 10:00:20 PST 2002

In case things degenerate, as in the case of Argentina, then some emergency 
action may have to be taken to save Democracy ---

Art. ___, Sec. ___. (a) Democracy in Legislative Bodies Section.
(b) The People find that these election results are anti-democratic and 
ultra-dangerous ---
In the [date] election ____  percent of the voters elected [bare majority] of 
____ [legislators] [in [name of legislative body]]. 
(c) In order to end such anti-democratic indirect minority rule the [Supreme 
Court] shall immediately and randomly chose [50] Electors in [area] and fill 
any vacancies.
(d) The Electors shall meet within [21] days after their selection for not 
more than [20] working days and shall have the rights, privileges and 
immunities of members of the [legislative body] in their meeting.
(e) By a majority vote, they shall provide a constitutional amendment having 
a proportional representation system in all [national, state/province] and 
local legislative bodies in [area] such that ---
(1) all voters in each [national, state/province] or local area can be 
represented in the legislative body (to provide both indirect majority rule 
and minority representation);
(2) each voter has 1 effective vote transferred directly or indirectly to 
his/her 1st choice or 2nd choice or 3rd choice, etc. of candidates; 
(3) [2] or more persons are elected in each district; 
(4) each legislator has a voting power in the legislative body equal to the 
number of 1st choice plus transferred votes that he/she receives in being 
elected and
(5) any other conforming changes are made (such as filling vacancies and 
having recall elections).
(f) The constitutional amendment shall take effect for the next election 
within [2] years of the various legislative bodies.
(g) This section shall take effect [date] after it is approved.

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