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At 2002\08\16 15:56 -0700 Friday, Forest Simmons wrote:
 >The simplest of these, PAV and Sequential PAV, are based on Approval style
 >More complicated are pairwise PR methods (based on the D'Hondt rule, for
 >example) that reduce to Condorcet methods in the single winner case.

I ask Mr Simmons to e-mail into that mailing list the definition of a
"Condorcet method", subject to the constraint that the definition
take account only of the polytopes (or shapes) that are the
definition. Anything unique that you have. You have not ruled that any
method that is _not_ what you would call a Condorcet method can
nevertheless be constructed from some ingenious use of pairwise
comparing. What is a a "Condorcet method" ?. It is a question that
others would not want to answer.

(1) I retract this sentence since it does not make sense:

    >...   The rules
    >have to be perfectly designed or there is no method that both tests
                \--   defined   --/

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