[EM] Re: Eugene uses Approval Voting for Referendums

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Thu Sep 27 12:51:26 PDT 2001

rmoore4 at home.com wrote-

Oops, guess I had the wrong quota method in mind. I think 
there was another Demorep proposal that was named by you, 
and defined as Approval with 50% quota. Or maybe that was 
yet another variation. Too tired to go checking the archives 
right now.

If it isn't named yet, it would be logical to name it AMA by 
dropping the "C": Approval quota -> Most Approval.
D- Condorcet's observations in the 1770's- 1780's about head to head math was 
one of the very few new ideas in election math.

I have mentioned several times that there are at least 3 main tables for 
votes -----

1. Absolute votes (on a plus 100 percent to minus 100 percent scale OR other 
simpler scale such as YES/NO).

2. Head to Head (Condorcet) [Relative]

3. Place votes (1st, 2nd, etc.) [Relative] (technically a type 1 table shows 
a degree of relative votes).

Simple Approval is defective since head to head math is not done (with or 
without a quota).

In real elections it is highly unlikely that most voters will be voting 2 or 
more choices *exactly equal* for top positions (more likely for bottom 
positions for unknown or perceived really evil choices).

How many popular Democrats (or Republicans) are deemed *exactly equal* by 
many voters ???

A whole lot of the theoretical stuff on this list has NO connection with 
reality for average John/Mary Q. Voters (who will be using any new election 
method --- and whose brains are NOT filled with all sorts of devious strategy 
and sincere/ insincere machinations or high tech math).

What*advanced* election method could be used by the poor suffering folks in 
Afghanistan (or in other nations having major political problems) ???

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