Eugene uses Approval Voting for Referendums

Richard Moore rmoore4 at
Wed Sep 26 22:29:55 PDT 2001

Forest Simmons wrote:

>>Actually I think this is standard procedure in many states. 
>>It's not straight Approval but I think it is equivalent to 
>>Demorep's method, that Forest calls ACMA.
> For more than two mutually exclusive measures it would be equivalent to
> Approval with a 50% quota.
> Demorep's ACMA uses the quota, but then tries for a CW before falling back
> on Approval. 
> ACMA = (Approval quota -> Condorcet -> Most Approval)


Oops, guess I had the wrong quota method in mind. I think 
there was another Demorep proposal that was named by you, 
and defined as Approval with 50% quota. Or maybe that was 
yet another variation. Too tired to go checking the archives 
right now.

If it isn't named yet, it would be logical to name it AMA by 
dropping the "C": Approval quota -> Most Approval.


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