CR style ballots for Ranked Preferences

Forest Simmons fsimmons at
Wed Sep 26 16:12:49 PDT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 DEMOREP1 at wrote:

> D-- More strangeness about the basics of elections.
> An election for an office is for the term of the office.
> New election.  A change in ANY votes can produce different results.  
> Is this so amazing ???

You sound like an IRVie pooh poohing the non-monotonicty of IRV.

> Are ALL of such voters disclosing how they have voted (or will vote in a 
> future election) --- generally yet another election felony  (to avoid 1880's 
> type old style bribery) ???

None would have to disclose whom they voted for, only that they voted
exactly as in the previous election.

> Many, if not the vast majority, of so-called criteria are a matter of---- SO 
> WHAT ???
> For a single winner office, the only useful test is --- which majority 
> (sincere and/or insincere) should prevail (for the limited term of the office 
> involved) ???

This sounds like the IRV mantra.


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