CR style ballots for Ranked Preferences

Wed Sep 26 15:34:14 PDT 2001

fsimmons at wrote in part-

What do you say to the following legitimate scenario then?

None of the ballots were disqualified, so B's win was legit.

Then two years later the same candidates run as before and all of the
voters vote the same as before, except for a few of A's supporters, who
got stranded some where on election day. As a result, A wins the election.
D-- More strangeness about the basics of elections.

An election for an office is for the term of the office.

New election.  A change in ANY votes can produce different results.  

Is this so amazing ???

How many folks are in this theoretical set of elections ???

Are ALL of such voters disclosing how they have voted (or will vote in a 
future election) --- generally yet another election felony  (to avoid 1880's 
type old style bribery) ???

Many, if not the vast majority, of so-called criteria are a matter of---- SO 
WHAT ???

For a single winner office, the only useful test is --- which majority 
(sincere and/or insincere) should prevail (for the limited term of the office 
involved) ???

Most of the other junk tests result from the mere fact of having 3 or more 
choices with various possible majorities.

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