CR style ballots for Ranked Preferences

Forest Simmons fsimmons at
Mon Sep 24 15:45:28 PDT 2001

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 DEMOREP1 at wrote:

> fsimmons at wrote in part-
> If the district wins were borderline or a result of cyclical tie breaking,
> this would be understandable.  If the district wins were all decisive,
> this would reflect badly on the method, in my opinion.
> ----
> D- This alleged subpart problem is totally irrelevant.

It is irrelevant to the outcome of the method, but it may well be of
interest to the politicians and other citizens to know where their support
or lack of it is coming from.

Suppose campaign volunteers take a peak at the precinct totals to see
where they need to beef up the canvassing next time around, and they find
out that according to precinct totals they won handily in every precinct
even though their guy lost the election.

What might be their reaction?

Of course, this could never happen in a consistent method like Approval.

It would never happen in an unsummable method, consistent or not, because
the information would be unavailable.


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