CR style ballots for Ranked Preferences

Mon Sep 24 12:51:53 PDT 2001

fsimmons at wrote in part-

If the district wins were borderline or a result of cyclical tie breaking,
this would be understandable.  If the district wins were all decisive,
this would reflect badly on the method, in my opinion.
D- This alleged subpart problem is totally irrelevant.

Obviously an election in an area is for the entire area and NOT for subparts 
of the area -- i.e. NOT for each precinct (or city block or household) 

If votes are added or removed, then can different results happen ??? Duh ???

See my many earlier postings about ballot box fraud --- ballot box stuffing 
or ballot theft --- both major election felonies in all jurisdictions (except 
perhaps City XXX with its alleged voting by dead registered voters).

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