election methods

Richard Moore rmoore4 at home.com
Thu Sep 20 22:37:12 PDT 2001

Rob Lanphier wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Jobst Heitzig wrote:
>>Just found your (at least it seems you were initiating it)
>>election-methods-list. Did some reserahc on choice rules
>>(thats how I call 'em). May want to look at
> Hi Jobst,
> Looks interesting.  I'll have to take a deeper look when I get the chance.
> In the meantime, I'm cc'ing the election-methods-list to see what they
> think.
> Rob Lanphier
> robla at eskimo.com
> http://www.eskimo.com/~robla

Very interesting indeed. Other EMers should go to this site 
and try the sample interview. It does take a while to go 
through all the combinations (once you tell the program you 
don't have any most-preferred or least-preferred choices 


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