[EM] Re: IRV is summable (a little)

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Tue Sep 4 14:37:47 PDT 2001

bmbuck at 14850.com wrote in part-

Using this method, doing an IRV election with three candidates and ballot 
tallies as follows:

30 A>B>C
20 B>C>A
40 C>A>B

(standard IRC method: eliminate B, causing C to win 60 to 30).

D- As usual I ask --- 

Does ANY choice have a YES majority  (46 YES) ???

If 2 or more choices have such YES majorities, then ---

does any choice beat each other choice ??
if there is no such choice, then which choice has the most *YES* votes ???

Simple IRV is extremely defective since it only uses a part of a Place Votes 

      Place Votes

    1     2      3

A  30     40     20     90
B  20     30     40     90
C  40     20     30     90

   90     90     90
The underlying problem remains as usual --- divided majorities and possible 
insincere voting for the lesser of alleged evils.

M1   30
M2   20
Z    40

The M (majority) faction is divided, do some of the Z voters insincerely vote 
for M1 or M2 ???  

Will the universe survive if there is some (or lots) of any such insincere 
voting ???

Does the sun rise in the east ???

Is it hot on the Equator at sea level ???

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