Consistency, Truncation, etc. (was CR ballots, etc.)

Mon Oct 1 16:40:26 PDT 2001

fsimmons at wrote in part -

What are the counter-intuitive results of Approval?

D- A *real* first choice can lose (if rankings were being used).

48 A
3   AC
1   BC
48 C



A 51 (all *real* first choice votes)
B 1
C 52 (wins using simple Approval) (very unlikely but it can happen)

Again- Condorcet's very major contribution was a notice of head to head math.

Such head to head math applies in ALL cases --- Elect N of C candidates.

Legislative - such as 5 p.r. candidates in a district

Executive/Judicial -- elect 1 or more candidates to the same office (multiple 
case might be 2 or more Sheriffs or Judges in the same area).  Most 
discussion on the EM list is about the single winner case (which is somewhat 
misleading to new folks).

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