[EM] List PR

LAYTON Craig Craig.LAYTON at add.nsw.gov.au
Thu Jun 14 16:56:30 PDT 2001


Thanks for your comments.

>So this example makes me lean towards saying that "above line voting" 
>should either be prohibited entirely or else it should be construed as
>approving each and every candidate on the party's list.
>Either of these two modifications would forestall the (somewhat
>embarrassing) situation brought up by my example.

Above the line voting is, of course, equivalent to approving every candidate
on a party's list, but you're right - that kind of situation would hardly
inspire public confidence in the method.

>I don't see any obvious way of improving on Craig's idea for modifying
>open list PR in the context of many winner elections.
>For two or three winners, I think that PAV (Proportional Approval Voting)
>is the best. 
>Around half a dozen winners, perhaps some version of STV would be most

I have come to basically the same conclusion myself.

>With a dozen or more winners some form of list PR seems the most practical
>to me, though my intuition isn't as far advanced as Craig's on this.

The other option is STV (or PAV) in districts, but I've not yet decided
whether this is a better idea than list PR.  David Catchpole had an
interesting idea a few months ago with a PR/Condorcet model, but I didn't
follow all of it.


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