[EM] Quitting list after a few final replies.

Richard Moore rmoore4 at home.com
Mon Jun 4 20:31:13 PDT 2001

The EM list has been time-consuming for me so, like Mike,
I was also considering dropping out so I will have time
for other projects. However, since the list traffic has
grown lighter in recent weeks, I will stay tuned in for at
least a while longer, though I don't plan to be posting
very actively.

Mike and I have had some disagreements (and who on EM hasn't
disagreed with Mike at one time or another?) but I do 
appreciate the fact that he puts considerable thought into 
his opinions, and also that he has been contributing his 
ideas on this topic for a long time. So thanks, Mike.

I do have this perl code I wrote to simulate the "majority
potential" of election methods. I should point out that MP 
is a variation on/application of Copeland's Method. I don't 
know if Copeland envisioned its use in this way. Anyway, I 
can either post it to the list, or send it directly to 
interested parties. It's over 1100 lines, about 30K bytes.
If I get three or more requests, I'll post it to the list;
if not, I'll send it to those requesting it only. Perl is a 
scripting language that is mostly used on UNIX/Linux and 
similar systems but is available (for free) for all popular 
OSes that I am aware of. Of course, I make no guarantee
that the algorithms are correct, but I would welcome
anyone familiar with both perl and the methods in question 
to review it and post corrections.


Forest Simmons wrote:

> Dear Mike,
> I 'm sure that I speak for many others when I say that I am sorry to hear
> that you feel a need to unsubscribe from the EM list.
> I have learned much from your postings on various topics, including your
> great insights on the specific defects of IRV, the politics behind the IRV
> bandwagon, many insights into the pro's and con's of Condorcet methods
> versus Approval as practical methods, as well as your specialties of
> Defense Strategies and Strategy Free criteria in election methods in
> general, and Condorcet methods in particular. 
> You have never lost sight of the fact that the average citizen just wants
> a simple, expressive method that doesn't require them to lie about their
> preferences in order to get the most out of their vote, or to protect
> themselves from others with fewer scruples. 
> Thanks for the energy and time you have devoted to Voter's Choice
> elections, and to this EM project in general. 
> I wish we could have some kind of big send off party like you would
> expect if you had been a visiting professor at a university.
> I'll just say "three cheers", and hope that you return to the list after
> recharging with some much deserved rest and relaxation. I have a feeling
> that, although you have already contributed enough to make your mark on
> the field of election methods, your experience, wisdom, intuition, etc.
> have yet to be fully tapped.
> Cheers for Mike!
> Hip, hip, hooray!
> To a great warrior in the cause of truth and fairness!
> We won't soon forget you.
> Forest

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