[EM] Quitting list after a few final replies.

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Mon Jun 4 14:27:52 PDT 2001

Dear Mike,

I 'm sure that I speak for many others when I say that I am sorry to hear
that you feel a need to unsubscribe from the EM list.

I have learned much from your postings on various topics, including your
great insights on the specific defects of IRV, the politics behind the IRV
bandwagon, many insights into the pro's and con's of Condorcet methods
versus Approval as practical methods, as well as your specialties of
Defense Strategies and Strategy Free criteria in election methods in
general, and Condorcet methods in particular. 

You have never lost sight of the fact that the average citizen just wants
a simple, expressive method that doesn't require them to lie about their
preferences in order to get the most out of their vote, or to protect
themselves from others with fewer scruples. 

Thanks for the energy and time you have devoted to Voter's Choice
elections, and to this EM project in general. 

I wish we could have some kind of big send off party like you would
expect if you had been a visiting professor at a university.

I'll just say "three cheers", and hope that you return to the list after
recharging with some much deserved rest and relaxation. I have a feeling
that, although you have already contributed enough to make your mark on
the field of election methods, your experience, wisdom, intuition, etc.
have yet to be fully tapped.

Cheers for Mike!

Hip, hip, hooray!

To a great warrior in the cause of truth and fairness!

We won't soon forget you.


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