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Regarding single winner methods- 

The book notes --

Plurality, p. 142
Two-Round Runoff Voting, p. 146
Instant Runoff Voting, p. 151   

NO mention of my Hitler-Stalin-Washington IRV example (no big surprise).

In *somewhat buried* Appendix C he mentions-

Approval Voting,  p. 183
Condorcet Voting,  p. 187

*Sincere voting* made it into the Glossary of Terms, p. 203.

None of the discussions are very *technical* BECAUSE, of course, Prof. Amy 
writes about things for the general public that have a *chance* of being 
adopted to get rid of plurality.

That is--  there is NO mention of a YES/NO matrix, a Condorcet (head to head) 
matrix or a place votes matrix or things like Smith Sets in the book.

The earlier part of the book involves an attack on single member districts in 
legislative body elections and various proportional representation methods.

Behind the Ballot Box 
A Citizen's Guide to Voting Systems 
By Douglas J. Amy 
Praeger Paperback. Westport, Conn. 2000. 248 pages 
LC 00-029841. ISBN 0-275-96586-4. B6586 $19.95 [s/h $4.00 --total $ 23.95]

A cloth bound edition is available: 0-275-96585-6, $65.00 

** Table of Contents **

-- Preface 
-- Introduction 
-- What Are Voting Systems and Why Are They Important? 
-- Criteria for Evaluating Voting Systems 
-- Plurality-Majority Voting Systems 
-- Proportional Representation Voting Systems 
-- Semi-Proportional Voting Systems 
-- Voting Systems for Single-Office Elections 
-- Making Your Final Choice 
-- Appendixes 
-- Selected Bibliography 
-- Index 

** Author **

DOUGLAS J. AMY is Professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke College. 

Greenwood Publishing Group, 88 Post Road West, Westport CT 06881, (203) 

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