Some Voting Tables

Richard Moore rmoore4 at
Thu Dec 13 22:34:42 PST 2001

DEMOREP1 at wrote:

> Here's an example that turns out to be more interesting than it first
> appears to be:
> (Sincere intensities or utilities are in parentheses.)
> 45  A(100) B(50) C(0)
> 30  B(100) C(50) A(0)
> 25  C(100) A(50) B(0)
> 100
> ----
> D- As usual -- since NO majority of the voters gives an ABOVE 50 to any of 
> them, then none of them should be chosen.

Alright, here's the example modified for those who believe in absolute

45  A(100) B(60) C(20)
30  B(100) C(60) A(20)
25  C(100) A(60) B(20)

But this change doesn't affect any of Forest's or my observations.

  -- Richard

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