[EM] three tier approval

LAYTON Craig Craig.LAYTON at add.nsw.gov.au
Wed Aug 15 21:53:49 PDT 2001

Richard wrote:

>The three-tiered rating could actually conceal the CW, so 
>that you couldn't tell who it is from the ballots. If A and 
>B are ranked equally on most of the ballots, but A beats 
>every candidate including B, then A will appear to be the 
>CW. But B could still be preferred over A by a majority, and 
>that doesn't show due to the collapsing.

When I said the condorcet winner, I meant the three tiered approval
condorcet winner, not the sincere condorcet winner.  I was trying to say
that the collapsing and the way everything is scored makes it much less
likely (than RP) that pairwise victories will need to be skipped in the RP

>Of course, this is what happens in ordinary Approval, too. 
>This method and Forest's Five-Slot Approval are 
>finer-grained versions. I think your point system is a novel 
>idea. I don't remember how Forest recommended scoring FSA.

Novel?  Is that a compliment or a criticism? :-)

If I recall correctly, Forest wanted to score it as an Approval ballot
(grades of A,B or C counting as approved, grades of D and F counting as
dissapproved).  If I'm right, the point of the system was to give voters
expressivity without changing the counting method.


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