[EM] Teetor Totter Tiebreaker Method

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Fri Aug 10 14:39:19 PDT 2001

Kids play on teetor totters -- a beam with a fulcrum in the middle. 

A kid sits on each end of the beam and goes up and down.  Great fun (if one 
is a kid).

Modifying it for elections (less fun, more math) --

If there is NO Condorcet Winner in the single winner case, then just do 
simple torque math from physics.

Odd number of choices-

     Place Votes

     1     2     3

A   A1    A2    A3
B   B1    B2    B3
C   C1    C2    C3

For each choice -- do 1st place minus 3rd place votes.

The net torque/tilt will be down left (positive) or down right (negative).

Highest positive wins.

See below note for 5, 7, etc. math.

Even number of choices

        Place Votes

     1    2     3     4

A   A1   A2    A3    A4
B   B1   B2    B3    B4
C   C1   C2    C3    C4
D   D1   D2    D3    D4

The fulcrum (mid point) is 2.5.

For each choice -- do (1st minus 4th) x 1.5 plus (2nd minus 3rd) x O.5.

Highest positive wins.
For 5, 7, etc. odd choices the multipliers would be whole numbers.

As usual --- since place votes ONLY show *relative* votes, using a YES/NO 
vote on each choice would show more accurate *absolute* votes.

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