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Wed Aug 8 05:10:43 PDT 2001


Yet another report about a technology fix to the 2000 President Election 
fiasco in Florida.

The report says it cost about $10 per voter in 2000.

U.S.A. Gross Domestic Product per person in 2000 -- $36,174

Survey of Current Business, May 2001, p. D-28.

For some amusement, see the eyeball on p. 22 of the pdf report (looking at 
one of the infamous punchcard chad ballots in Florida using a very large 
magnifying glass).

What price Democracy ???

One can only imagine what will happen in various *reports* if there are 
*serious* efforts to get reform election methods for legislative bodies (i.e. 
proportional representation) and/or executive/judicial offices (i.e. one or 
more of the methods mentioned on this list).

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