Majority winner set

Wed Nov 29 22:34:35 PST 2000

Mr. Layton wrote--

I'm not sure that there is a definition of sincere voting that fully

differentiates between sincere & strategic voting.
D- A minority cannot get its way.

Desired > Compromise (one of more of those lesser evils floating around) > 
Unacceptable (one or more of those really rotten evils floating around).

With 3 or more choices (i.e. having possible divided majorities), a 
chicken/egg problem arises-- the method affects whether there is sincere 
and/or strategic voting (especially near the majority level) (a loose 
paraphrasing of Mr. Arrow's observations).

Since ALL methods have problems with 3 or more choices, it is something of 
pick and choose which method(s) have the least obvious problems in getting 
majorities in single winner elections.

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