[EM] Majority winner set

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Wed Nov 29 22:19:30 PST 2000

LAYTON Craig wrote:
> I agree with this, however, is there a definition of sincere voting that
> will differentiate between sincere & strategic voting in Approval?  If you
> consider Approval voting a preferential voting system with two numbers - 1 &
> 2, it is basically a modified borda count.  Someone votes insincerely in any
> circumstances in which they like any of the 1's better than any of the other
> 1's, or any of the 2's better than any of the other 2's.  But, by the same
> token, in true rank ballot systems, if you give two candidates different
> numbers when you like them the same, then you're also voting insincerely.
> You would probably be voting insincerely if you truncated your vote as well.
> I'm not sure that there is a definition of sincere voting that fully
> differentiates between sincere & strategic voting.

How about this -- all voting is strategic, unless you are using a voting
system in which you can guarantee that insincere voting is never
useful.  It's just that sometimes strategy dictates that you vote
sincerely, and other times it doesn't.  If you need to decide whether
sincere or insincere voting is called for, you are using strategy (i.e.
voting strategically).

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