[EM] Majority winner set

Martin Harper mcnh2 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 19 16:34:49 PST 2000

Isn't there another majority winner set consisting of A & B? And another for B &
Or do I misunderstand your 'absolute majority'?

LAYTON Craig wrote:

> I'm proposing a majority winner set method.  It could go with a new criteria
> (which would be failed by margin systems, and either passed or failed by
> winning votes systems depending on the specific wording).
> Definition of majority winner set:
> The set of candidates who pairwise beat all candidates outside the Smith
> set, and pairwise beat at least one candidate inside the Smith set by an
> absolute majority
> Where this set contains at least one candidate, and is smaller than the
> Smith set, all candidates not in the majority winner set are eliminated.
> The majority winner set becomes the new Smith set, and the test is
> reapplied.
> eg Smith Set
> A>B   55 - 45
> B>C   47 - 35
> C>A   51 - 35
> -Majority Winner Set consists of A & C

> -A is eliminated
> -Majority Winner Set consists of C
> Also handy for resolving draws.  Consider the same as above, but with C>A
> 50-50.  Majority winner set consists of A.
> Comments?

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