[EM] Majority winner set

LAYTON Craig Craig.LAYTON at add.nsw.gov.au
Sun Nov 19 15:47:11 PST 2000

I'm proposing a majority winner set method.  It could go with a new criteria
(which would be failed by margin systems, and either passed or failed by
winning votes systems depending on the specific wording).

Definition of majority winner set:
The set of candidates who pairwise beat all candidates outside the Smith
set, and pairwise beat at least one candidate inside the Smith set by an
absolute majority

Where this set contains at least one candidate, and is smaller than the
Smith set, all candidates not in the majority winner set are eliminated.
The majority winner set becomes the new Smith set, and the test is

eg Smith Set

A>B   55 - 45
B>C   47 - 35
C>A   51 - 35

-Majority Winner Set consists of A & C
-A is eliminated
-Majority Winner Set consists of C

Also handy for resolving draws.  Consider the same as above, but with C>A
50-50.  Majority winner set consists of A.


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