[EM] RE: Let's found an organization to oppose IRV

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 13 20:47:19 PST 2000

>Donald: Craig is correct. Smart voters will only make one choice when faced
>with a method like Approval or Borda  or that other guy, what's him name.

Why would they do that? Nearly all of the people who consider Nader
better than Gore voted for Gore. They'd do the same in Approval.
Why are you worried that they'd suddently become principled and
not vote for him? I like Approval, but you attribute to it a
beneficial property that it doesn't have.

And why would all those people who voted for Gore though they
prefer Nader vote only for Nader in Condorcet?

You used to name Approval, Borda, & Condorcet together as the ABC
methods. They do have something in common: They all take account of
a candidate's overall high-ratedness. That distinguishes them
from your 1-vote methods like Plurality & IRV. Let's call
Plurality & IRV the 1-vote methods, or maybe the Lesser-of-2-evils
methods, since those are the methods that bring us that problem in
its more drastic form.

Borda, of course, has terrible strategy problems when voters aren't
all guaranteed to be sincere, and so it can't be considered for
out public elections, though it's excellent in a sincere-voting Utopia.

>        That will result in turning these weird methods into 
>        `The more things change the more they remain the the same.'
>        T.J. Max Depo-rep-man should take another look at Instant Run-Off - 
>Ha Ha
>        Now there is a good single winner method, right under your nose.

Ha ha is the right thing to say.

Mike Ossipoff


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