Let's found an organization to oppose IRV

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Mon Nov 13 19:58:31 PST 2000

Mr. Layton wrote--

I'm definately beginning to doubt the desirability of approval (vis a vis

IRV) as well.  Despite the apparent simplicity of the system, electoral

strategies, polling etc becomes much more of a problem.  
D- For about the 4th time I note that Approval Voting has the problem of 
*overvoting* since it lacks rank number voting.

47 A
2 AB
48 B
1 C

With AV---

A 49
B 50
C 1

The 2 AB voters have *overvoted*.  In elections with candidates getting near 
majorities in the pre-election polls some voters *may* overvote.  HOWEVER, 
the AV winner will have the highest number of votes.

AV does allow supporters of minor (extreme) percentage choices to vote for 
their first/early choices plus one or more of the lesser of the perceived 
evils (among the other candidates).

Thus, if AV had been used in 2000 for U.S. President there likely would have 
been a whole lot of votes like

Bush only
Gore only

Such type of votes might also happen even if there were no primaries 
(assuming a large enough nominating petition requirement to reduce the number 
of *extreme* candidates) to have a limited number of candidates.  (With a 
nominating petition requirement some of the above minor candidates may not 
have gotten their names on the ballots).

The general number vote (1, 2, etc.) problem will be cleared up somewhat if 
number voting is quickly used in p.r. elections (and then get carried over to 
nonpartisan executive and judicial elections (with a YES/NO vote)) (and 100 
percent security electronic voting machines are used).

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