[EM] RE: Let's found an organization to oppose IRV

Donald E. Davison donald at mich.com
Mon Nov 13 05:32:12 PST 2000

Greetings List,

Craig Layton wrote:
>I continue to be perturbed by arguments that this voting system or that
>voting system elects centrist candidates, compromise candidates, etc.
>Voting systems should be judged on how well they reflect the will of the
>people.  It is quite often the case that centrist candidates represent no

Donald: They, centrist candidates, make fair `Caretaker' officials.

>What voters would do with an approval vote is very difficult, if not
>impossible, to predict.  The support is close enough so that both the Hitler
>and Stalin voters know that if they approve Washington, Washington will
>almost certainly win, but if they only vote for their own candidates, there
>is a very good chance that they will win.  I also think that it's fairly
>safe to assume that Hitler and Stalin voters will be fairly parochial.
>Voting for only your own candidate in such a close race might be the optimal
>Craig Layton

Donald: Craig is correct. Smart voters will only make one choice when faced
with a method like Approval or Borda  or that other guy, what's him name.
       That will result in turning these weird methods into Plurality(FPTP).
       `The more things change the more they remain the the same.'
       T.J. Max Depo-rep-man should take another look at Instant Run-Off - Ha Ha
       Now there is a good single winner method, right under your nose.

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