[EM] RE: Let's found an organization to oppose IRV

LAYTON Craig Craig.LAYTON at add.nsw.gov.au
Sun Nov 12 16:01:39 PST 2000

Demorep wrote:

>34 HWS
>33 SWH
>16 WSH
>16 WHS
>With IRV, W loses. Hitler wins 50- 49.  Instant civil war ???
>The same thing may happen within single member legislative districts.
>That is, IRV will promote even more plurality extremism in U.S.A. politics 
>(under the guise of majority rule).

I continue to be perturbed by arguments that this voting system or that
voting system elects centrist candidates, compromise candidates, etc.
Voting systems should be judged on how well they reflect the will of the
people.  It is quite often the case that centrist candidates represent no

>If there is approval voting, there might be--
>H 50
>S 49
>W 99

There also might be:

H 34
S 33
W 32

What voters would do with an approval vote is very difficult, if not
impossible, to predict.  The support is close enough so that both the Hitler
and Stalin voters know that if they approve Washington, Washington will
almost certainly win, but if they only vote for their own candidates, there
is a very good chance that they will win.  I also think that it's fairly
safe to assume that Hitler and Stalin voters will be fairly parochial.
Voting for only your own candidate in such a close race might be the optimal

Craig Layton

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