vulnerability to compromise?

Mon May 22 20:41:13 PDT 2000

>Since rankings are used in any accurate/ semi-accurate multi-member
>proportional representation method, why can't rankings be used immediately
>for the single winner case (which is the limiting case of the general
>multi-choice case -- such as electing N of Z choices) ???

I certainly wouldn't object if Plurality is immediately
replaced by Condorcet. But if we're going to replace Plurality
with a rank method, let's make sure that it's a good one--
and that means Condorcet's method. A lesser rank method wouldn't
be as good as Approval.

If we were to take a rank vote on what the voting system should
be for public political elections, my ranking would be:

1. Condorcet (preferably Tideman, SD, or SSD)
2. Approval

Mike Ossipoff

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