vulnerability to compromise?

Thu May 18 22:14:38 PDT 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote in part-

 The compromise strategist isn't a dishonest
cheating manipulator. He's someone trying to get his rightful due.
The person who does the compromise strategy is the only victim in
that story. That's the problem--that he's strategically forced to
use compromise strategy. I consider the most important criteria to
be the ones that measure how often & how drastically we're
strategically forced to compromise.

Desired > Compromise > Unacceptable

Notice that there are rankings. 

It is not---

Desired = Compromise = Unacceptable.

Simple Approval assumes Desired = Compromise.   Obviously not true.

How can a voter be *strategically forced to use compromise strategy* if 
his/her Desired choices cannot get elected ???  Such voter just wants a 
compromise choice to get elected rather than an unacceptable choice to get 

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