Participation & SARC

Wed May 17 21:35:50 PDT 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote-

Sure, but how likely is it that it would be so close that those few mistaken 
voters could change the outcome ?
D- Who says the 2 AB and 2 AC voters are mistaken ?  That is how they voted 
(sincerely or in total ignorance).  A real public election method operates on 
real votes cast (notwithstanding attempts on this list to replay the election 
a zillion times with all sorts of devious strategies by the super smart all 
knowing scheming voters).

What percentage of the voters is necessary for a close election ? 1/100, 
1/1,000, 1/10,000, etc. ?

How many real elections are determined by one vote ?  My local paper reports 
such elections by one vote on a routine basis with total votes in the 200 to 
1000 range.

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