Participation & SARC

Wed May 17 00:00:23 PDT 2000

Mr. Ossipoff wrote--

(A voting equilibrium is an outcome, including the officially
reported & recorded count results, that is consistent with
the predictive beliefs that led people to vote as they did,
producing that outcome. It's assumed that everyone shares the
same predictive beliefs and that those beliefs are near-certain).
D- It's nice to be in the New Age math era where all results are predicted.

Are folks with 90 political I.Q.'s have the same predictive beliefs as those 
with 150 + political I.Q.'s (the many folks on this list who can dream up new 
ways to mystify majority rule in the single winner case) ???

Adding a few more digits-

49,996 A
        2 AB
        2 AC
25,000 BC
24,999 CB


Those strange 2 AB and 2 AC folks are still around.

Approval is a major advance over simple plurality but Approval has its own 

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