[EM] Tideman and GMC

Markus Schulze schulze at sol.physik.tu-berlin.de
Sat May 13 02:13:06 PDT 2000

Dear Steve,

in so far as IBCM is a successive elimination method, it is
not obvious that IBCM meets monotonicity. Could you please
demonstrate that IBCM meets monotonicity?


You wrote (11 May 2000):
> The older "Tideman fails GMC" example posted by Mike O was even
> more extreme, showing the Schulze method preferred a candidate
> even though no voter preferred it to the Tideman winner which
> beat it pairwise.

I couldn't find in the archives Mike's example where the Schulze
method chooses a Pareto inferior candidate. Could you please
repost this example?

Markus Schulze
schulze at sol.physik.tu-berlin.de
schulze at math.tu-berlin.de
markusschulze at planet-interkom.de

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