[EM] Participation & SARC

Steve Eppley SEppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue May 9 09:20:27 PDT 2000

Markus S wrote:

> There was the discussion whether Moulin's participation criterion
> presumes sincere or sophisticated voters. I wrote that and why
> Moulin presumes sincere voters (5 May 2000). Also Steve came to
> the conclusion that Moulin presumes sincere voters (5 May 2000).

That's a slight mischaracterization of what I wrote.  I wrote, 
referring to the voter Moulin labelled 'i':

   "... So we must infer that Moulin meant either that i would
   vote sincerely or that we would measure compliance by i's
   voted preferences."

But in a practical sense, participation is about ensuring voters 
won't regret voting, and presumably this means sincere regret, 
which would be based on sincere preferences.

If Moulin wants to ensure voters won't regret *sincere* voting 
then he should prefer other methods more than Borda.

---Steve     (Steve Eppley    seppley at alumni.caltech.edu)

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