[EM] Idea I had- "The Psephocrina"

David Catchpole s349436 at student.uq.edu.au
Wed May 17 20:16:12 PDT 2000

Here's an idea I had for how we can best put our expertise in one
well-organised place- we have some kind of dynamic text, really an archive
of documents on the web- I'd call it the "Psephocrina" (psepho, as in
psephology and crinos , as in endocrinology- so Psephocriny or
Psephocrina is the "sorting of votes" or "outcomes of voting"). It would
start off basically as a rip-off of Blake's FAQ page but it would
hopefully constitute an easily accessible and dynamic text, which would
allow an outsider to start from scratch and end up with some understanding
of what we're up to, and to which we would each have some degree of team
responsibility for submitting or updating chapters on particular
areas. Key principles would be-

- the Psephocrina is intended to be a stand alone text and an extensive
documentation of voting theory etc. starting from first principles, with a
particular emphasis on describing and documenting various formalisms and
cultures of thought and interest in voting theory from first principles.

- we each regularly make a pledge to submit or update a chapter- and do

- the Psephocrina includes a "manifesto appendix" where people can air
their obsessions unrestrained by formality.


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