[EM] Participation & no-show?

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu May 4 21:01:37 PDT 2000

EM list--

It's occurred to me that it's likely that Participation &
No-Show go like this:

"The participation in the election by a same-voting group of
voters should never prevent the election of the candidate whom
they ranked in 1st place (or maybe it's that it shouldn't
cause the election of the candidate whom they ranked last--
depending on whether we're talking about Participation or

Though it's a plausible goal (though less important than
the properties of good methods that don't meet those criteria),
to say that voting shouldn't elect your last ranked candidate
or defeat your 1st ranked one, it seems to me that its importance
is largely taken away by the fact, with the complying methods,
those 1st choice & last choice rank-assignments will often be
insincere, because those methods often discourage sincerity.
That seems to let the air out of those 2 criteria's meaning.

Mike Ossipoff

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