[EM] wrote to Cthulhu address about Condorcet too.

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon May 1 19:09:03 PDT 2000


I just want to say that I wrote a 2nd letter to
webmaster at cthulhu.org, to correct the typo in my UUCC definition,
and to define Condorcet's method.

The UUCC typo was: In the last line, I said "...whom that voter
likes more than Xc", when I meant to say "...whom that voter
likes _less_ than Xc".

I wanted to balance my letter about Approval with something
about Condorcet.

So I stated the reason for rank balloting, so that we can
express all of our preferences. I then told of how, if we want
those preferences all to be fully & reliably counted, the
pairwise-count is the way to count the rankings. Then I described
Condorcet's solution for when a cycle prevents there from being
an unbeaten candidate. I defined PC & SD.

Then I stated the criteria that are met only by Condorcet's
method: SFC, GSFC, NDDC, MDC, & BC. (Formerly, NDDC was called
WDSC, and MDC was called SDSC. I call SrDSC MDC2).

Mike Ossipoff

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