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Sun Jun 18 20:52:38 PDT 2000

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Markus said here that on May 13, on this list, I said that my
"Tideman bad-example" was possible, as written. That seemed
quite unlikely at the time, because it was long before May 13
that someone pointed out to me that Bruce Anderson hadn't
said that every pairwise vote table corresponds to some set
of rankings, as I'd till then believed that he'd said.

But I didn't check the archives at the time, though it seemd
very unlikely.

Today I checked the archives, and I didn't post anything on
May 13 that said that my Tideman bad-example was possible.

Here's the only thing I said on that day that even relates to
that question:

[Sorry about the format problem]

                  Maybe; I'll have to check that out more. At the time that 
                  posted that example, I thought that, by adding enough 
                  any pairwise preference table could be created from 

                  Mike Ossipoff

[end of quote]

Now, Markus, how do you imagine that that passage says that
my example was possible? I clearly said that maybe it's true
that it isn't. I clearly said that _at the time that I posted
that example_, I thought [past tense] that any pairwise vote table
could be gotten from rankings, by adding enough voters.

Markus, you've always had something of an inclination to do
other than tell the truth. Should we politely call it
"making mis-statements", or whould we use the impolite word?

By the way, if Blake showed that any pairwise votes table can
made into one that we can get from rankings, if we add the right
constant to all of its entries, then any pairwise vote table
example for the methods we discuss is useful & meaningful, because
ordinarily adding that constant doesn't change how our methods
will solve the example. What made my Tideman bad-example impossible
was that I was talking about majorities, specifying the exact
number of voters. But that example is still perfectly useful
if we don't talk about majorities of all the voters, and if we
don't specify how many voters there are--if Blake said that
any pairwise votes table can be made into one that corresponds to
some set of rankings, if we add the right constant to all of the
table's entries.

Mike Ossipoff

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