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Craig Carey research at ijs.co.nz
Sun Feb 27 13:12:30 PST 2000

At 07:44 28.02.00 , Markus Schulze wrote:
>Dear Craig,
>you wrote (26 Feb 2000):
>> The "Social Choice and Welfare" journal, a journal I tend to
>> find uninteresting, is online, and access to all of the
>> texts seems to be possible for those that have passwords.
>My university is subscribed to 

Social Choice and Welfare,

Mathematical Social Sciences, 

Electoral Studies, 

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 

Journal of Mathematical Economics, Economics Letters, 

European Economic Review,

European Journal of Political Economy, 

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 

Social Science Research, 

Journal of Economic Theory,

Games and Economic Behavior, 

Journal of Comparative Economics,

Annual Review of Political Science

 and 2000 other journals.

>To access these journals a password is not required. Only
>the IP address of the used computer is relevant so that these
>journals can be accessed by any computer at this university.
>Therefore I would recommend that you should from time to time
>visit your nearby university. Most universities have a library
>that can be accessed by non-members and that have computers
>to browse through these journals.
>Markus Schulze

It is simpler than that. If I browse to the Springer Verlag
 pages on "Social Choice and Welfare", I can read the pdf files if
 I use a suitable ".edu" public proxy.

I currently have what happens to be, the largest Internet page of
 common port public proxies. That's at:

I tried two ".edu" proxies on reading your message: the first proxy
 was dead and the 2nd,


 allowed me to read a Springer Verlag publication that had previously
 been blocked by a prompt for a password and a username. (I entered
 "* smathersl1.uflib.ufl.edu:3128 . ." into a junkbuster.com proxy
 config text file).

[Note: if Springer Verlag ran a proxy, then maybe some of the
 electrical engineering students in an Iranian University that once
 wrote saying they were stuck behind an IP number address translating
 NAT, might be able to escape their near total censoring, and browse
 the Internet, if they used a Springer Verlag proxy, or that of another
 journal magazine.]

Are people writing to this list advocating some "Approval Vote" method?.
Isn't it one of the very worst methods around?.

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