Dollar example

Wed Feb 23 11:26:35 PST 2000

Mr. Ingles wrote in part-

Group A and C are each close to half of the population, with group B
only a small minority.  Exact populations are unknown.

~50   A($1000)    B($550)    C($500) 
 ~1   B($20500)            A=C($500)
~50   C($1000)    B($550)    A($500)

Converted to vN-M utilities, we have:

~50  A(1.0)    B(0.1)    C(0)
 ~1  B(1.0)            A=C(0)
~50  C(1.0)    B(0.1)    A(0)
D- This is a revised repeat of earlier postings regarding the defects of 
simple Approval Voting, simple Condorcet and simple ratings.

Yet again I suggest a YES/NO vote first.  Does A, B or C get a YES majority 
of all of the voters ??

Only the 2 or more choices getting YES majorities should go head to head.

In reality land, I would suggest that the A and C supporters would compromise 
on something closer to total money/total members.

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