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has ordering info for

The International IDEA Handbook of Electoral System Design

Much of the Handbook is part of the ACE Project below.

has the Administration and Cost of Election Project having all sorts of info 
about election systems (especially proportional representation systems).  See 

The more important ACE areas are--

Electoral Systems (see below index)
Boundary Delimitation (regarding district boundaries)
Parties and Candidates
Vote Counting


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Electoral Systems: 
Electoral Systems Index

file info 
*Electoral Systems Index 
*Guiding Principles 
*Administrative Considerations 
*Cost Considerations 
*Social and Political Context 
*Historical Review 
*Practical Advice for Electoral System Designers 
*Additional Resources 
*Design Principles 
*Ensuring a Representative Parliament 
*Making Elections Accessible and Meaningful 
*Providing Incentives for Conciliation 
*Facilitating Stable and Efficient Government 
*Holding Government and Representatives Accountable 
*Encouraging Cross-Cutting Political Parties 
*Promoting a Parliamentary Opposition 
*The Process of Choice 
*National Conventions/Constitutional Assemblies 
*External Imposition 
*Design Components 
*Direct Democracy Options 
*Referendums and Plebiscites 
*Citizen Initiative 
*Legislative Recall 
*Frequency/Date/Day of Elections 
*Parliamentary Size 
*Way of Voting 
*How Votes Become Seats 
*Special Mechanisms 
*Compulsory Voting 
*Minority Provisions 
*Special Mechanisms for Women 
*Majority-Plurality Systems 
*First Past The Post (FPTP) 
*Block Vote 
*Alternative Vote 
*Two-Round System 
*Semi-Proportional Systems 
*Limited Vote 
*PR systems 
*Allocation of Seats 
*List PR 
*Mixed Member Proportional 
*Single Transferable Vote 
*PR Related Issues 
*Open, Closed and Free Lists 
*District Magnitude 
*The Global Distribution of Electoral Systems 
*Other Types of Elections 
*Presidential Elections 
*First Past the Post 
*Two-Round Systems 
*Preferential Voting 
*Distribution Requirements 
*Upper House Elections 
*Regional and Local Government Elections 
*Country Examples 
*The Alternative Vote in Australia 
*Bolivia: Electoral Reform in Latin America 
*The Canadian Electoral System: A Case Study 
*Chile: Proportionality or Majoritarianism ? 
*Germany: The Original Mixed Member Proportional System 
*Ecuador: The Search for Efficient Representation 
*Spanish Electoral System 
*Finland: Candidate Choice and Party Proportionality 
*Ireland: The Archetypal Single Transferable Vote System 
*Electoral reform in Israel 
*India - First Past the Post on a Grand Scale 
*Jordan - Electoral System Design in the Arab World 
*Japan - Electoral Reform 
*Sri Lanka: Changes to Accommodate Diversity 
*Mali: A Two-Round System in Africa 
*Malta: STV With Some Twists 
*Namibia - National List PR in Southern Africa 
*The Netherlands 
*New Zealand: A Westminster Democracy Switches to PR 
*Papua New Guinea 
*Poland: Between Fragmentation and Polarisation 
*Russia - An Evolving Parallel System 
*Ukraine: Peril of Majoritarianism in New Democracy 
*UK: Electoral System Experimentation in Cradle of FPTP 
*US: Ethnic Minorities and Single-Member Districts 
*South Africa: Election Systems and Conflict Management 
*Electoral Systems End Notes 

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