[EM] Idiots and tyrants?

David Catchpole s349436 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu Jul 29 02:02:10 PDT 1999

The extremist extremists aren't the ones who are benefited by PR 
systems, etc. Rather, it's the centrist parties, and I once got scoffed at
when I used the term "far centre" (even though I think it's legitimate).
We who are in polar parties are benefited by non-PR systems, which
generate a distinct Left/Right cleavage with little grey area.

It's interesting for people to make accusations without empirical evidence
to back them up. I love doing it myself...

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Wiseman, Julian wrote:

> An important point. Is the government there to govern, or to "represent
> every area of society"? I don't agree with the extremists, and the freedom
> of the press is there to ensure that they can be heard. Indeed, if "every
> area of society" is to be represented, then surely there should be as many
> seats as voters. That is direct democracy. 
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> > Electoral systems which penalise the extreme political parties can not
> > be used in a democracy which assumes to represent every area of
> > society, and where the legislature should be a microcosm of society.
> > Ok, their opnions may be racist, but they are still their opinions. You
> > don't have to agree with them, but their opnions should still be heard.
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