[EM] U.K. Voting Systems, 3rd edition

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Wed Jul 28 00:09:05 PDT 1999

Any supporter of pure single member districts is a math idiot and/or a tyrant.

Simple 3 district example--

District     Party A votes    Party B votes    Total

1                 49                      51                    100
2                 49                      51                    100
3                100                      0                     100   

Totals       298                    102                    300

Party B has 2 of the 3 seats with a mighty 102/300 or 34 percent of the votes.

In a larger legislative body, the plurality system (the infamous first past 
the post system) results in around 25-30 percent indirect minority rule (a 
plurality in a bare majority of the districts with only 2 parties per 
district and equal voters in each district) (which becomes less than such 25 
percent in multi-party elections (as in the U.K. or Canada).

Democracy (for the enlightenment of the Monty Python type retards/ idiots on 
this list) means indirect majority rule (or direct majority rule depending on 
the election system).

Thus, the use of SMD is an exercise in tyranny (i.e in electing an elective 
oligarchy) in every election.

The Democracy remedy- proportional representation (to get BOTH indirect 
majority rule and minority representation).

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