[EM] Electing Cabinets

David Catchpole s349436 at student.uq.edu.au
Wed Aug 25 22:12:38 PDT 1999

More from me-
> It's a good point- what if people vote insincerely, voting for the
> other side? It's one problem I hope people will attempt on this list.
> First I thought that this would infer a two-tier election was required- 
> but now I'm not so sure... maybe the idea of a caucus election system will
> bear more fruit in a practical sense?

Perhaps starting with a majoritarian election of just over half of the
legislature to be electors? The only way to exclude the minority is to
poach its votes out of significance... and the only way I can think of
doing this is to actually have a vote for voters... or for types of

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