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Thu Aug 5 19:32:34 PDT 1999

The American Political Science Association (APSA) is having its annual 
meeting in Atlanta, GA on Sept 2-5, 1999.





29. State Politics and Policy
Chair: Susan B. Hansen, University of Pittsburgh
30. Urban Politics
Chair: Arnold Fleischmann, University of Georgia
31. Women and Politics
Chair: Eileen McDonagh, Northeastern University
32. Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
Cochair: Valerie Martinez-Ebers, Texas Christian University
Cochair: Andrew Aoki, Augsburg College
34. Representative and Electoral Systems
Chair: Shaheen Mozaffar, Bridgewater State College
35. Political Organizations and Parties
Chair: Candice J. Nelson, American University
36. Elections and Voting Behavior
Chair: Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Ohio State University

See also the APSA Sections--


5.   Political Organizations and Parties
8.   Representation and Electoral Systems
13.   Urban Politics
16.   Women and Politics
22.   State Politics and Policy
32.   Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior
33.   Race, Ethnicity and Politics 

For some unknown bureaucratic reason, the Section numbers are not the same as 
the Division numbers.

Since the meeting is mainly a vacation for the poli sci academic profs, it is 
highly unlikely that anything substantive will be done to get Democracy into 
U.S. legislative bodies (via proportional representation) and end the various 
gerrymander indirect minority rule governments (i.e. mostly talk and no 

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