Non-IRO methods and IRO combined

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Mon Sep 28 16:41:10 PDT 1998

The suggestion was to use IRO's elimination to get rid of
a candidate, to solve a circular tie? Ok, how about this

 40 25 35
  A  B  C

B gets eliminated, and you've gotten rid of the circular tie,
and done it in a way that defeats the CW, elects the candidate
of the truncators, and avoidably violates the expressed wishes
of a majority of the voters.

That isn't a special example, either. That would happen in
any of my truncation bad-examples.

When proposing new methods, even if they're combinations of
previously proposed methods, you want to check out their
properties. That's the responsibility of the proponent, at
least in regards to claimed advantages--and you really want
to be able to claim an advantage when proposing a new method.


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