Most Drastic Falsification?

Hugh R. Tobin htobin at
Fri Sep 25 20:30:21 PDT 1998

Mike O. wrote:

>If you're a C voter, then your last choice will win unless
> you engage in the most drastic form of falsification, ranking
> your 2nd choice, B, over your favorite.

I submit that a more drastic form of tactical voting (I would not use a
word implying mendacity, because casting a ballot is the exercise of
right, not a statement of fact) is voting for one's last choice first,
and as previously noted this tactic by a minority of the supporters of a
candidate can sometimes work quite well in IRO.  The plurality wing
tries to get the other (more extreme) wing to run second, so as to use
the second choices of the middle to prevail.

-- Hugh Tobin

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