Protecting the CW

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Sep 27 20:39:20 PDT 1998

Bart has again said that IRO deserves points because its
drastic defensive strategy, that of abandoning your favorite
to protect a compromise, helps the CW.

Look, Bart, helping that candidate was the purpose of the
strategy, and every method has ways of dependably electing
the CW if voters have good enough knowledge of eachother's

It's been shown that, with any method, if voters have complete
dependable knowledge of eachother's preferences, the CW can't

So you needn't tout that as a special advanatage of IRO :-)

The question, however, is what do you need to do in order to
help that CW? Do you need to vote a less-liked alternative over
your favorite? If the method is IRO, the answer is "Yes". If
the method is Votes-Against or Approval, the answer is "No".


It might not be possible for me to keep up with the volume
of mail here, and so I want to emphasize that if I don't reply
to something, that doesn't mean that I consider it to be
irrefutable--it only means that there isn't sufficient time
to reply to everything.



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