VA & insincere extension

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Sep 27 18:00:05 PDT 1998

For insincere extension to defeat a Condorcet winner in VA, 
that CW has to have pairwise wins with much indifference. In other
words, it's only the less emphatic or less solid kinds of CW that
could be vulnerable in that way.

And since any cancidate who could be CW must be regarded as a
main contender, then for insincere extension to defeat a CW, 
significant numbers of voters would have to be indifferent between
some main contenders. How likely?

Some main contenders could be virtually the same as eachother?
Fine, then, if so, how big a problem is it if one wins instead
of the other?

My point here is that insincere extension isn't likely to defeat a
CW, and if it could, it would be a rather weak kind of CW anyway,
and he'd be defeated by someone who is so similar to him that
many voters are indifferent between them. Problem?

More subsequently


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